How meridians help eliminate negative feelings and thoughts

Meridians act as the passageways of Qi and Blood in the body, with channels as the trunk and collaterals as the branches. Meridians connect internal organs, five sense organs, and seven orifices. As mentioned in the “
Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, each of the twelve meridians dominates one type of emotions. When the meridians get blocked, people will experience the negative emotions in the corresponding meridians.

Twelve Meridians and Their Corresponding Negative Emotions

Every organ dominates one type of natural positive energy. When the external environment breaks the internal balance of the body, negative emotions opposite to the positive energy would develop. By clearing the blockage in the meridians to restore the body to homeostasis, we can reduce or eliminate those negative thoughts or emotions.

1、Gallbladder – Anxiety
The positive energy from the gallbladder is responsible for justice and decision making. The corresponding negative emotion is stress and anxiety. When the function of the gallbladder is great and healthy, people are more likely to have a strong ability to make decisions. With gallbladder meridian blocked, there will be a higher chance to experience anxiety and indecisiveness.

2、Liver – Anger

The positive energy from the liver is responsible for planning and strategies, whereas the negative side is anger and complaint. People with liver meridian blockage are prone to get angry and aggressive. Dredging the liver meridian could reduce liver fire and calm the mind.

3、Lung – Grief

The lung meridian governs the Qi of the whole body. Blockage in lung meridian is more likely to lead to sadness. Clear the blockage in lung meridian would encourage and help people walk away from the gloom of their life.

4、Large intestine meridian – Regrets

The function of the large intestine is to transmit and expel the turbits, whereas the corresponding negative emotion is regret. Blockage in large intestine meridian would bring more vexation to people. A weak function of large intestine makes people easier to get stuck in and be regretful for the past events.

5、Stomach – Impatience

The positive energy from the stomach meridian is represented by acceptance and open-mind, whereas the corresponding negative emotion is represented by impatience. People with a blockage in stomach meridian tends to be impatient and irritable. As manifested externally, they are more like to have acne problems.

6、Spleen – Grievance

The spleen is responsible for thinking. Negative emotion related to the spleen is grievance and feeling injustice. In Five Element theory, the spleen is represented by the earth. The earth has a property of holding everything, including both the good and the bad. A properly functioning spleen accepts food of any temperature (within the normal range) or flavors. In regards to emotions, a blockage would affect its nature of acceptance and tolerance and bring out more complaints and grievance in people.

7、Heart – Hatred

The positive energy of heart meridian brings love and joy. The negative ones are resentment and hatred, from the deep of the heart. The emotion of resentment or hatred consumes Heart Qi and Blood. In the long run, it will block the heart meridians, which can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

8、Small intestine – sorrow

The positive energy from the small intestine meridian is responsible for compassion and empathy, and the opposite side is over compassionate, which lead to sorrow and sadness. Improve the Qi flow in the Small Intestine meridian can adjust the imbalance in dealing with sad things. The sadness related to Small Intestine meridian is different from the Lung. For example, if you get grief or groan frequently when seeing falling leaves, sunsets, or withered flowers, this would be more likely related to Small Intestine.

9、Urinary Bladder – Negativity

Yang Qi of the whole body concentrates more in the Urinary Bladder meridian. It is the most Yang meridian among the twelve. When UB meridian is blocked, the Yang Qi would be unable to rise or transfer throughout the body. The lack of Yang Qi in the body can be compared with the earth lack of the sun. When affecting the emotions, people tend to get gloomy and negative.

10、Kidney – Fear

The positive energy from the kidney represents the wisdom; on the other side, the negative energy brings fear (for the unknown). When the kidney essence is abundant, it is an indication of wisdom and courage. When the body is lack of kidney Essence or the meridian gets blocked, people are more prone to get frightened, panic and terrified. Conversely, watching lots of horror movies or playing bloody video games will consume the kidney essence and hurt intelligence in the long run.

11、Pericardium – Depression

The positive energy of PC meridian represents happiness and pleasure. The pericardium is the minister of the heart. It conveys the positive emotions from the heart. When it gets blocked, people tend to experience more of the depressed feeling.

12、Triple warmer – Nervous

The positive energy of triple warmer represents relaxation and optimism. When the function of Triple Warm lacks coordination, people tend to get nervous easily in their daily lives, such as exams and interviews. Regulating the triple warmer can help relieve stress when dealing with these challenges.

Important Points in Dredging Channels and Collaterals

1、Pericardium meridian for emotional exhaustion

PC meridian runs along the midline of the medial side of forearms. It begins from the chest, passes the arms, and ends in the middle finger.
There are 9 points on the meridian. Press each point for one or two minutes daily will help dredge the meridian.

2、Press CV 17 to alleviate depression

CV 17 locates at the midline of the front, between two nipples, as demonstrated in the picture below. The points can also be applied to calm the breath when people feel angry.

3、Press GB 20 to relieve nervousness

GB 20 are paired points, located at the back of the neck. The points can be found by feeling for the mastoid (ear) bone and following the groove back to where the neck muscles attach to the skull. It has the function to brighten eyes and to refresh the brain. Press the two points gently when you feel nervous, stressful or feeling tired in general.

4、Press LI 4 to treat headache and insomnia

LI 4 located on Hand Yangming Large Intestine meridian. It has therapeutic effects for headache, insomnia, and neurasthenia.
The point is on the back of your hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, and in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the side close to the thumb.


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